Reusable baby wipes

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Do you hate all those chemicals in disposable baby wipes? Do you want to be more eco friendly? Our reusable baby wipes are the perfect answer! They are soft to the touch and absorbent. Added bonus, they are good for the environment!
But, they aren't just for babies bottoms!
Consider them for:
*An alternative to disposable paper towels
*As a washcloth, not just for baby, for the whole family
* Family cloth (zero waste toilet paper)
* Napkins

In our house, we have a stack of them on the dining room table and we use them to clean the babies faces after meals, and instead of disposable paper napkins. We have a stack of them in the nursery to use as baby wipes. We have a stack in the kitchen for messes and instead of paper towels! There is no limit to their uses!

Our reusable baby wipes are made in a generous 8 inch square. They are made of 2 layers of soft flannel.

Your order will include a dozen reusable baby wipes. Your order may not be all one pattern, but we will make every effort to have them coordinate.

We offer these at a great price, so the prints are random. At checkout you will have the option to select:

* Random Neutrals (grays, greens, etc)
* Random Pastels (pinks, purples, etc.)
* Random Brights (reds, blues, etc)
* Family Cloth (dark colors.)