Reusable Paper Towel Dispensers
Reusable Paper Towel Dispensers

Reusable Paper Towel Dispensers

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Reusable Paper Towel Dispensers are designed to hold up to 24 of our reusable paper towels. If you fold your reusable paper towels just so...they will dispense just like baby wipes or kleenex!  How cool is that?

Great for the kitchen counter, the dining room table, the bathroom counter, the car, so many places! What a great way to keep your unpaper towels neat and tidy!

Choose your favorite pattern today!

NEW: Want to use your fabric box for more than storing our reusable paper towels??  Want to use them to store make up? Jewelry? other small items?  We've added the option to add snaps to your fabric box for $1 each!  ** Please note this option will add 3-4 days TAT to your order**