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Epically Embroidered

Cheapest Eggs in Town Reusable Face Rounds

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Our reusable face rounds are made from FOUR layers of soft flannel that are die cut 3 inch circles.

What do you use them for? To remove make up, wash your face, apply toner...anywhere you used to use a disposable cotton ball or disposable make up remover pads

! They are soft enough for your delicate eyes but strong enough for your toughest mascara!

Reusable face rounds are sold in sets of six.  

**We have deemed the Cheapest Eggs in Town pattern too large to pass our stringent quality control standards for reusable face rounds. So we are classing this pattern as a "half head" pattern and as such it is priced below our normal market rate of $8 per set. And, will be only available on a limited basis**