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Cheapest Eggs in Town Matchy Match Set

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Matchy Match Sets are your best deal! You get 6 unpaper towels and a dispenser! Dispensers hold about 18 unpaper towels! When you fold them just so, the unpaper towels will “pop” out just like baby wipes/Kleenex

What are UPTS? Unpaper Towels. 

What do you use them for? ANYTHING you used to use disposable paper products for! Replace expensive disposable paper products with unpaper towels and save tons of $$ and make your life easier!!! Use our unpaper towels in place of: Paper towels, paper napkins, cleaning wipes, baby wipes, Kleenex, Swiffer pads, and so much more! You will also find they are a great replacement for washcloths for babies and adults, cleaning up spills of all sizes, and 1001 other uses!

Our unpaper towels are die cut for precision and serged for durability. They are 10x10 squares and are made from TWO layers of soft flannel. 

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