Wedding Handkerchiefs Gallery

Name or Monogram

Stripe Hanky Name  Stripe Hanky Monogram

Happy tears

Crochet Hanky Happy Tears  Scallop Hanky Happy Tears  Lace Hanky Happy Tears 240x192  Stripe Hanky Happy Tears PinkPlain Hanky Happy Tears Wine


Keep your shit together

Crochet Hanky Keep Baby Blue  Scallop Hanky Keep Pink  Lace Hanky Keep Blue  Stripe Hanky Keep Navy  Plain Hanky Keep Navy

No ugly crying bitch

Crochet Hanky No Ugly Navy  Scallop No ugly Wine  Lace Hanky No Blue  Stripe Hanky No ugly Pink  Plain Hanky No Ugly Baby Blue               

Something Blue

 Scallop Hanky Something Blue  Plain Hanky Something Blue  Stripe Hanky Something Blue

Bride or Bridesmaid AF

 Scallop Hanky Bride AF  Scallop Hanky bridesmaid AF

I choose you

Crochet Hanky I choose you  Scallop Hanky I choose youStripe Hanky I choose you  Plain Hanky I choose you    

For your happy tears on my wedding day

Plain Hanky For your happy tears  Scallop Hanky For your happy tears

Love you then Love you still Always have Always will

Crochet Hankey Loved  Scallop Hanky Loved  Stripe Hankey Loved  Plain Hanky Loved

Thank you for raising the man of my dreams

Crochet Hanky Raising  Scallop Hanky Raising  Stripe Hanky Raising  Plain Hanky Raising  

Thank you for walking by my side today and always

Crochet Hanky Walk  Scallop Hanky Walk  Stripe Hanky Walk  Plain Hanky Walk  

To use today and stow away until you need something old for your wedding day

Scallop Hanky Flower Girl Navy  Plain Hanky Flower Girl baby blue  

You may not have given me the gift of life but life gave me the gift of you

Crochet Hanky Gift  Scallop Hanky Gift  Lace Hanky Gift  Stripe Hanky Gift Plain Hanky Gift