Etsy Success Workshop

Learn how to create a successful Etsy shop!

Who are we? We're three friendors who came together to create the Etsy Success: Compassion over Competition Workshop. Using each of our unique skills, we created a three-pronged approach to Etsy success that will teach you the tips and tricks to get your Etsy Shop in shape! We will guide you through the tedium of creating a successful business on Etsy through profit analysis, sales/coupon usage, pricing strategy, taking great pictures of products, how to write tags and titles that will get you seen by Etsy buyers and more!

This hands-on, in-person workshop is hosted by two of the three friendors, Nicole and Courtney. Nicole is the owner of Epically Embroidered and is one of the top selling shops in the country on Etsy. With over 4500 sales, Nicole not only creates precious keepsakes for her fellow North Texans, but has customers all around the world.

You can view her shop at:

Courtney is a professional wedding photographer and mentor for those who desire to learn the art of photography. Many of her students are entrepreneurs looking to take better photographs of their products.

You can view her wedding and portrait work at:

Their passion for helping others is what prompted the creation of the Etsy Success: Community over Competition Workshop.

This workshop is for you if:

-You just opened an Etsy shop and you want to avoid all the rookie mistakes

-You already have a shop, but are struggling to make sales

 What is included in registration?

-2 hours of classroom instruction on creating and improving your Etsy shop

-A shop analysis by Nicole to discuss the pros and cons of your existing shop and then a personalized plan of action for improvement

-Hands-on learning of the best ways to create visually pleasing photographs of your products

-A complete SEO revision of one of your listings

-A new headshot for your Etsy profile

-Light bites and drinks


**Registration is non-refundable. Please email us with any questions you have BEFORE registering. Email:

**While not required, it will be immensely beneficial to you to already have a shop open and at least one listing in your shop. This will allow us to make our analysis of your shop and give feedback on how to improve.

**Etsy Success: Community over Competition is not affiliated with Etsy. We are active shop owners speaking about our personal experiences selling on the platform Etsy.

Our next live workshop is October 19 at 2:30pm in Arlington, Texas.

If you are not local to the DFW area, we have an online version for you: